GROG / NAMEK - Monsters 7'EP

Reference: HDP076


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7'EP Vinyl, Black Vinyl limited to 150 Copies



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Welcome to the blasting days; Tune in for more...


The infinite corners of extreme music sometime lead us to some late revelations and that's what is about to happen here. Not that these bands are really new in the scene, by the contrary, also it’s not for their humongous history of releases, which they also have plenty and definitely it’s neither for fame or to be the mainstream debutant throne kings of grind core.

So what’s their drive, you may ask?

Basically it’s all about the underground no matter what you think and when you accept that idea it’s so much easier to conceive the reasons behind this new split 7’’Ep between the Portuguese GROG and NAMEK undisputed grinders named “Monsters”.

After their latest split tape with Agathocles, GROG are in again once more with a major sonic slap in your face. These guys are heading for their 30th anniversary as a band and they never slowed down in all their lives. Needless to say that it won’t be here you are going to witness that either. Pure crushing brutality awaits your auditive receptors with their 5 songs, including 2 novel ones. The other 3 are versions from some of the most inspirational influences to them such as Simbiose, Marginal and Napalm Death.

NAMEK in the other hand offer their relentless discharge of reverberating obliteration since 2006 and this release mark their return to the physical world of formats also with 2 unreleased songs and 2 covers being those from Regurgitate and Cock and Ball Torture. We tell you that the sheer heaviness of their musicality will rip your gory guts until your flesh is separated from the bones. Unbelievable mind blowing, indeed!

“Monsters” stand for the human & beast duality in all of us, the thin line between life & death, and the unearthly path between good & evil being all this amazingly captured in a marvelous cover art made by Hellsmith Victor. Although this is not for the fainted heart be sure to celebrate this thrilling combo in the edge of the finest grind core music ever made. In fact these bands are real Monsters in their deeds!


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