SPEEDKILLER (BRA) "Midnight Vampire" T-Shirt

Reference: Fruit of the Loom

Limited to 30 Units

Black T-shirt, Fruit of the loom brand printed in silkscreen, red and gold

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Once the veils are open they will stream eternally!

It has been like this since the last century and it still remains solid gold until today. The endless cascade of present Brazilian bands that rejoice upon their seminal ones don’t stop to amaze us. From Belo Horizonte to Minas Gerais especially, it’s like they made a vow to honor the brutal, raw and unholy line of musicality brought by bands like Sarcofago, Vulcano, Mystifier, Holocausto or Sepultura. Now if you add to this the panzermanic metal genome like early Kreator, Sodom and Destruction we all shall have a hell of a formula ain’t we?

Honestly the rest is history so without further delays we introduce you SPEEDKILLER first and highly anticipated Ep “Midnight Vampire”. Hailing from the Minas Gerais axis the band itself has two years of existence and until almost now they only released two singles on YouTube. Pretty rad, right? But this was enough to create a rush of interest and a need for more haste around SPEEDKILLER. We guess everybody knew they were about to burst into something really awesome. And so they did!

Spellcaster (vocals and guitar), Summoned (guitar), Evilspirit (bass) gathered with Hellkrätus (drums) from the Portuguese thrashers Vectis and forged a delightful piece of obscure metal art. “Midnight Vampire” has it all from death to speed and thrash to black metal, it works perfectly like an atlas of all dark genres in music. During these 7 hymns the gates of hell will surely open and all evil outcasts will rejoice in trance. Also a major plus concerning sound production and art cover both professionally handled by the highly reputed musicians, Remi Nygård from Inculter and Jean Nightbreäker from Murdeath.

SPEEDKILLER’s “Midnight Vampire” will make the end of the year much more bloodthirsty, vile and undoubtedly shall summon all nails out of the undead coffins!

Available on Cassette and CD through Helldprod Records on December 11th.

Fruit of the Loom

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