Systemik Viølence "Satanarkist Attack" LP (Black)

Reference: RNR008

Raw Metal Punk, Hardcore

LP Black 2017

Limited to 200 copies



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The dirtiest punk hardcore band in town is back with even less fucks to give in the form of a "proper" full-length "SATANARKIST ATTACK". Still ripping off Swedish bands and worshipping the metallic depths of Japanese hardcore, there is no polished production here, just a live-to-tape discharge of hatred, the way that real punk is supposed to sound. Here is a band that does not rely on the scene status quo to survive and is not afraid to point a dirty mirror at society. In case that you are not into noisy, pummeling, metallic d-beat raw punk, you can go listen to some generic, blend, pussy punk instead. Only satan is real. If you are a false don't entry. UGHHHHHHH!