Reference: HDP103


Date Release: March 8, 2024

Cat Nº #: HDP103

Format: Cassette

LTD 50 Copies [First Press]

Speedkiller’s Inferno Tracklist:

Side A:

01. The Birth of the Immortal Evil [05:59]

02. Blair [02:53]

03. Serpent Doom [03:03]

04. Apocalypse [03:07]

05. Evil [02:19]

Side B:

06. Inferno [04:38]

07. Blood Worship [05:43]

08. Invoke the Lord [04:04]

09. Black Blitzkrieg [05:28]



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Thrash for Death…
Speedkiller’s name and music shouldn’t be forgotten, old school to the bone madness filled with classical vibes according to the metallic heritage. Adding a lot of the Minas Gerais hellish warmth in their steel veins, the formula couldn’t be closer from being right, as they nailed it in their debut “Midnight Vampire” released in 2020.
Four years passed and Speedkiller’s are back with a new reeking killing power thrash attack of an album intitule “Inferno”According to these 9 unholy prayers, that will, for sure, crack the bowels of heaven and spit fire towards the fallen angel’s crown, a huge evolution towards production is deeply notice, giving the overall sound of “Inferno” a massive contribution to a more accurate potential of the band’s musical composition and therefor outstanding quality.
Embed in an organic ritual, the sophomore “Inferno” gathers heaviness, aggressiveness, and a hurricane of melodies ready to assault your head banging and horned fist into everlasting glory. Fast as the swing of an axe, these flames will burst in your ears and burn the night sky, covering it with grey smoke under the brightness of the pale stars.
No doubt that Speedkiller new opus is full of force allowing them to hit the world’s metal pyre main stage, showing no mercy and condemning all to stare into their own private Hell!

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