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There's nothing much to say about POMBAJIRA! Or so the Brazilian band claims, but we at HELLPROD feel differently: Pombajira is a six-song excavation of deathly doom draped in darkness and dirtiness! In fact, after the record's 30 minutes of pulsing, punishing filth, it'll take you at least a week just to feel clean again!

Release Date: November 29, 2019

Cat Nº #: HDP072

Format: CD (Full Length)

Limitation: 200 Copies

Genre: Dark Doom Heavy Metal

Label: Helldprod Records

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Formed in late 2017, POMBAJIRA was creatd by ex-Grave Desecrator Hellson Röcha. Soon enough, he roped in a drummer and also his old guitar-playing friend Blizzard. After a year of wasting time with this drummer, T. Splatter (Velho, Lápide, Poem's Death etc) took up the drum duties.

A few rehearsals were enough for POMBAJIRA to record an entire album, and finally, it emerges as Pombajira! Directly influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, Venom, Pentagram, as well as others of a similar dark ilk, the power-trio have successfully reached their goal in sounding heavy, basic, somber, and uncompromised. And no fucking religious proselytism nor a cocky arrogance with the lyrical content!

POMBAJIRA's moniker derives from their Afro-Brazilian cultural roots and serves as a foundation to flirt with the enigmatic spiritual imagery and sometimes superstitious atmosphere which is around them. In addition to their personal experiences, the band is influenced by magick, rebellion, sarcasm, and darkness. What results is uniquely POMBAJIRA, and what the band brand HEAVY ROCK INFERNO! Are you ready to be consumed by their flames?