NETHERMANCY (POR) "Worship Evil Sacrifice" CD

Reference: HDP099

Portuguese Black Metal

Jewel Case CD

8 pages Booklet on 170gsm

Ltd 200 copies

NETHERMANCY's Worship Evil Sacrifice Tracklist:

01. Ghouls: Intro [01:07]

02. The Fall Of Man [04:34]

03. Tyrants | Usurpers Of Light [05:29]

04. Nuclear Christ Armageddon [04:43]

05. Mood Fo Ssroc (Cross Of Doom) [06:01]

06. Satanic Black Mass [04:38]

07. Death Sermon [05:21]

08. Purgatory: Outro [01:36]



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Being around for the last 27 years, the hordes of NETHERMANCY matured their path over time and created their own abyss whilst surviving the demonic sulphur intrinsic erosion. Now, this tria prima hailing from Portugal, and formed by DecayedGrog and Velório elements, returns from the darkest tumultuous depths and, with its full flaming alchemy, unleashes a new diabolical arrow intitule “Worship Evil Sacrifice”.
Clearly a step forward from their previous works and, being this the 4th album from the band, it’s fair to say NETHERMANCY starts a new cycle regarding their musical approach. “Worship Evil Sacrifice” marks a relentless progression into the malevolent coldness underneath the pits of inferno. Within each song there’s enough aggression, rawness, dimness, vileness, evilness to carve this potion as a glorious black metal juggernaut where tradition reigns supreme, as it should be, honoring the genre roots from Bathory to Venom and Hellhammer but also blinking the eye of madness to the new wave icons such as EmperorImmortal or Marduk.
It's inside this sphere that each one of these names return from the ashes of time to give birth to the new flesh of the ancient ones. No faces, only flames, until everything becomes cold as ice. During the next 30 minutes, NETHERMANCY will take you to its 8 circles of hell to crystalize your soul and abrupt your carnality beyond dust as “Worship Evil Sacrifice” gathers the hoofmarks and the thorns to raise the beast horns into gods realm!

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