BLACK MOLD "The Unnatural Red Glow of the Night" CS

Reference: HDP095

Black cassette with paper cover 250 grams + Sticker



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Helldprod Records sets January 31st as the international release date for Black Mold's new EP, The Unnatural Red Glow of the Night, on cassette format.
Hypnotic Darkness!

After their debut “Inheritance of Evil” ruptured the bowels of the earth like bursting lava the secluded legions of BLACK MOLD return with another unhealthy dose of poisoned treacherous impiety. 

“The Unnatural Red Glow of the Night” gathers 6 daggers pointed straight to our hearts in 13 beastly minutes and it’s fair enough to say that in this one there’s a twist in BLACK MOLD’s musical approach, making it even more mesmerizing and denser this time.
Their raw punk fueled blackness still glows like an enchantment and as awkward as it seems we are driven to plunge inside the depth layers of their psalms where the shinning blades await for your spiritual ether to be pierced. As if gloom could be refined into something more perverted than before making you not only stare into the abyss but also compelling you to jump towards its devouring void.

Once again, if you haven't check these guys this is the moment to do so, we surely can praise BLACK MOLD’s esoteric essence at its finest in this new opus. “The Unnatural Red Glow of the Night” stands where minimalism gathers and summons nihilism to unleash total unlawful chaos!


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