KRUSHHAMMER (BRA) "Blood, Violence & Blasphemy" PIN

Reference: HDP097

Pin 38mm, Ltd 30 copies



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Banging Mania!!!

Starting off with, guess who’s back from Belo Horizonte?

After their debut Ep “Speed Blacking Hell” in 2019 and a small taste of the future in 2020 with the single “Try Suicide”, the Brazilian primeval metal banging maniacs from KRUSHHAMMER mark their return with the first full-length intitule “Blood, Violence & Blasphemy”. Now notice that, until this moment, we added to this release the words of Belo Horizonte plus primeval plus banging maniacs. So it's fair to expect from it, to say the least, a seminal shredding metallic speed force possessed by hell, darkness and thrashing holocaust. Is this too much?

No, “Blood, Violence & Blasphemy” stands for all that and KRUSHHAMMER are, proudly, one of the most promising bands in the scene nowadays. Their new album pushes Earth's Apocalypse forward, bringing plague, war, famine, and death in less than 30 minutes, just like that. Now before your eyes blink, are you sure you want a ride?

Again, this is the perfect storm for your starving hears and twisted neck, the pickings are insane to the bone, the vocals are infamous, the drums fill the fiery halls of steel with wrath, and the overall feeling once the album ends is a huge lesson in violence where everything becomes a pile of dusty ashes.

Metal is pretty much alive and its blood boils within KRUSHHAMMER current underground vision. We dare to predict that “Blood, Violence & Blasphemy” will be amongst your most wanted and preferred records of this year. And, Oh, just one more thing, Slayer, Nifelheim and Deathrow can be proud of their legacy. 

Now, press play and Show No Mercy!!!