Reference: HDP090

Cat Nº #: HDP090

Format: Cassette LTD 100 copies

Genre: Black Speed Thrash



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Ripping Metal!!!

The timeless sand grains assemble once more in the metal battlefield to summon all headbangers for the call of the beast. After the huge response to their first demo, GRAVEDÄNCER are back with their second steel attack entitled “Unholy Bond”.

Yes, Armando Exekutör strikes again this time with Vinícius Talamonte on the drums, also known for his works with Arma, Despojos and Kadash. Looking back to their previous release, one thing is for sure, they sound a lot more wicked and even heavier than before. During the next 16 minutes these new 5 songs will whip you out against the iron curtain with their powerful and venomous N.W.O.B.H.M. musical assault strengthened by a fiery version of Midnight’s black rocking force.

Upon this beckoned gathering you will witness this “Unholy Bond” at Hell’s furnace!

This is promised to stun every single bone in your body until you raise your horned fist in the air and praise the almighty GRAVEDÄNCER.