SCHIZOGOAT (BRA) "War, Pestilence and Sacrifice" TAPE

Reference: Cat Nº #: HDP089

Release Date: August 31, 2021

Cassette LTD 80 copies
Black Thrash Metal



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New bands and old times still are a fatal formula especially when they combine an in depth attitude with reliable classical influences. In this case that’s what you can expect since SCHIZOGOAT has it all. Coming from the Sergipe State in Brazil and formed by Jhônata Hellfire in 2020, this artist emerges from a collective dissonance outburst provided by the actual world state of emergency.

After their first demo Darkness and Pain hit the media platforms with a good response, the band recorded their new material intitule War, Pestilence and Sacrifice. This release will be out in an Ep tape format with 7 songs that mix Bathory and Hellhammer rusty primordial black metal vibes with the buzzing saw thrashing metal commando influences of Kreator and Schizo's debut album (Mainframe Collapse), for example. Old but gold, we say!

It will be impossible to escape from this lunatic retro work once War, Pestilence and Sacrifice dirty rawness evokes the purest evil metal shape you can imagine.
No trends in SCHIZOGOAT, only blackened underground!

Cat Nº #: HDP089