NUCLEAR REVENGE (SPA) "Dawn of the Primitive Age" LP (Black)

Reference: HDP085


Cat Nº #: HDP085
Format: 12"LP Vinyl
Genre: Black Thrash Metal 

- Black Vinyl 200 Copies



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The Slaying Metal Horde!

We begin by telling you that hailing from the North might be the ultimate armor for any true metal fan, especially if it has sworn to the flaming arts and conjured to the sulphurous deeds. Indeed, a craft endured through time and space! But today we are honored to reveal you our new release by the iron fisted hands of the Basque black thrashing troopers NUCLEAR REVENGE.

Formed in 2012, NUCLEAR REVENGE soon begun to shred the halls of heaven with their early demos and first split CD. Though it was their excellent seminal album “Let the Tyrants Rise” who brought their unholy skills to the attention of the underground scene. Three years later they return with a full explosive new record named “Dawn of the Primitive Age” and, under the sign of evil, they have managed to increase their head banging viciousness and fiery addiction steel levels for our delight.

“Dawn of the Primitive Age” stands above their past releases and raises higher their will to desecrate sacredness. A much darker flame has been lightened within every single song in this opus but not only that as also we are driven by a spellbinding aggression sustained by a thrilling and almost punishing cursed melody during this descending. Indeed, as we march forward in this lava dome our footsteps disappear in this volcanic oblivion domain.

Combining influences from early Kreator or Slayer to Possessed or even Nifelheim and Dissection, NUCLEAR REVENGE appeals to all metallic legions who are into thrash worshipping and raising their left-hand horns in memory of the old school metal days. No doubt that “Dawn of the Primitive Age” will set fire the circle pit and summon the abyssic warriors to raise hell!


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