Animalesco, O Método (Por) “Animalesco, O Método" Tape


Crust Death Metal

Cassette + Poster A4 + Inlay A5 With 4 Pages

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From the quiet and dried landscapes of Portugal comes Animalesco, O Método (Abominably, The Method). This band was created in 2011 and has three demos released. A normal thing to consider when you approach the on-going underground activities in the musical extreme scene. Albeit the alleged peace of mind and slower pace of life, they manage to create a monster of a self-entitled first album that will carve its history in your eardrums. With personal influences from early Simbiose to Megadeth and Entombed, Animalesco, O Método drives its main force from a disrupted reality and cursed dimension into an unmerciful sonic attack twisting the boundaries of crust and death metal. Yes, this is aggressive, powerful to the bone, and neck-breaking. No innocents shall be kept unless they succumb to this unsilent rage. Remember when you had the best albums summed up in just half an hour? If you do, this is the case. If you don’t may you pity yourself for not knowing what you have been losing until now. 8 songs in 29 minutes without showing signs of slowing down, with two violent singers in the best crust growling and shouting tradition, a plate of golden riffs and chorus, and a full blowing production provided by the enormous Max Tomé from Colosso are the right ingredients for this intense formula. Honestly, Animalesco, O Método debut stands between a diabolical synthesis between Clandestine from Entombed, G-Anx, and Extreme Noise Terror best memories. Undoubtedly ravenous, this is a must-have for all old school metal worshipers since this beast came to make you bang and circle pit inside the earthy bowels. So, let them come and crawl to feast upon this bursting procession. IS LIFE, DEATH & OTHER MORBID TALES CRUSHING CRUST DEATH METAL...