Reference: HDP084CD2021


Release Date: April 20, 2021

Cat Nº #: HDP084

Black Speed Thrash

CD Jewel Case, LTD 300 copies

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Into the Metal Glory!

We are proud as hell to present you this unholy gathering between two of the most fierceful steel machines around these days. The best news ever indeed since both bands combine the ancient flame essence like very few can create metal wise. Pushing the old glories to the current scene front row we promise no fist shall be left raise after the final hearing.

Hailing from Brazil, Whipstriker spreads its venomous music since 2008 according to the universal old school scriptures. For those who know the beast, this band plays uncompromised New Wave of British Of Heavy Metal inspired by early Venom, Motorhead and even Iron Maiden but with a glimpse of aggression of its own that drives you into a flaming cauldron and boils you up to ecstasy like Slayer did in their beginning or Midnight do it nowadays. You also can tell there’s a punk vibe in their material that uplifts their rawness and urge to start a war. The three new songs in this release are electrifying and will crawl upon your skin shocking you to endless headbanging.

On the other side of this gem, we have the Canadian’s Ice War pumped and fueled since 2015 by the heavy metal classics. Between the British and the Germanic legacies once again Maiden’s influences are motif to be honored but also Thin Lizzy. On the Teutonic inspirational edge, we can point out a bit of Helloween’s primary times mixed with Deathrow and Violent Force thrashing energies. Enough of goosebumps? We tell you; these three songs will also totally freak you out to a point that playing this repeatedly will be the only soundtrack you will hear for days.

So Whipstriker and Ice War are together to burst your blood inside your patched jacket. You could almost say that the two entities are one-man bands since these two iconic leaders, Whipstriker and Jo Capitalicide, are the main driving forces that lead both metallic paths back in time. Oh, and before you wonder about the name of this release it doesn’t have one. You see, travelling in the musical history deserves old rules; Above all great songs to be remembered and this is what is going to be shouted out loud here!

Available on CD/TAPE through Helldprod Records in April 20, 2021.